Ranu Mondal

Who is Ranu ?

Born on 5th November 1960 at Kartikpara, a village near Krishnanager in Nadia District in West Bengal. She lost her parents in her childhood only. Mondal got married at the age of 19 years and she lost her husband Mr. Babul also after some days of her marriage. She has a daughter who had also left Ranu from last 10 years.

Why is she so famous ?

She has got a very soft voice and her voice matches the famous singer Lata Mangeshkar. Her talent is recently emerged when she was found singing songs on a railway station in West Bengal.

Who found her talent ?

She had no good luck until Mr. Atindra Chakraborty met her on Ranaghat Junction. She was singing a song “Ek pyar ka nagma hai” and this caught the attention of Mr. Chakraborty and he captured a video of the same which became viral later.

Appreciation & Opportunities

Ranu Mondal is appreciated across the country and people started watching her viral video like anything. After getting so much appreciation she was invited to the stage of Superstar Singer. When she sang “Ek pyar ka nagma hai……teri meri kahani hai”, Himesh Reshammiya got attracted by her voice and offered one song of his upcoming movie to her. After this show, she was invited by many other shows. She will also be singing the theme song of Durga Puja for a Kolkata based club.

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