Love or Lust ?

When it comes to Love, all of us think about someone who loves us most. The definition of love is customised by people differently. But even after defining it according to our own understanding, we get to see many ups and downs in the same definition of love.

‘I am in love with……’ This is very common statement which can be heard anywhere. But what is love actually. There is a beautiful story called ‘Liquid Beauty’ which explains what is love in just 2 minutes.

There was a couple. Boy used to love girl so much so that he wanted to marry her at any cost. Boy asked her again and again for the same. Girl, after repeated proposal told the boy to wait for just 7 days and she shall marry to her. Boy waited and after 7 days again reached to the door of girl. Someone opened the door and he found an old lady coming out of the door.

After getting wondered the boy asked the lady, ‘Where is my girl who used to stay here?’ ‘I will show you, where she is,’ lady replied. Boy who was in very much hurry of seeing her love went with this old lady to see where she is. This old lady showed a bag and when she told this boy to see this bag, he vomited. He found there was so much of smell coming out of this bag as this bag contained mucus, vomits and body waste. He asked this old lady, ‘What is this?’ She told, ‘It is my liquid beauty which you loved 7 days back.’ I have collected all my beauty in this bag just to check whether you really loved me or my body and now I have understood what you loved is my body and not me.

The story clearly states that the love between a boy and a girl is just a bodily affair and when that affair fades, the love also fades. Our claim of loving each other may be identified with this short story. The story is narrated in a wonderful book called ‘Science of self realisation‘ which is a very famous book. So before claiming to anyone that I love something, we shall check it twice.

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  1. Great article! Best line this article is “The story clearly states that the love between a boy and a girl is just a bodily affair and when that affair is faded, the love also faded.”


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