Try to save yourself from plastic !

Wonder ? How you are consuming plastic? Well, don’t be too panic. We will help you how our lifestyle and other things are making us consume plastic.

Everyday we consume water and that’s the necessity. Most of us consume water from plastic bottles. Be it an office dispenser, a mineral water bottle or a self owned bottle, it is all a risk for our health. This is just the starting of the list, we have a lot to talk about our plastic lifestyle. We are living in a world where we are consuming packaged food more or less everyday. Most of the packaged food is now a days packed with plastics and it is nothing new. Everyday we consume milk packed in a plastic, we have our water tankers made from plastic and then our coffee mugs also coming in stylish plastic body.

We tend to use plastic very comfortably and that’s where the problem starts. If we decide not to consume plastic wrapped products, we can save our self at least from this onslaught of cancer.

Ladies and gentlemen, let’s pledge not to consume plastic wrapped products and try to reduce it as much as possible from our lifestyle.

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