The Solar Car

Yes. That’s the new trend in modern cars. Are you not bored of paying heavily for natural fuel ? Well, I’m and that’s the reason I have gotten a special car for you today which not only runs on solar energy but also saves you from heavy fuel rates. Let’s try to unfold the features of this amazing and luxurious car.



  • ‘Lightyear One’ design is suitable for optimized performance.
  • ‘Lightyear One’ will get to a range of 725 km on the WLTP cycle and 400 km in winters at highway speeds.
  • Solar roof and hood. The car will be getting charged from roof top panels whenever it is under sunlight and that’s the best part of it.
  • A fully grown adult can walk over the panels without causing dents to the body.
  • Through fast charging you can charge up to 570 km worth of energy within an hour and with a simple 230V outlet, itโ€™s even possible to charge up to 350 km worth of energy overnight.
  • Unlike conventional solar panels, its solar panels function independently. So even if some part of solar panels are in shadow then also the panels which are out in sunlight will charge the vehicle efficiently.
  • The solar roof and hood charge up to 12 km/h in the sun.
  • The solar roof is designed to withstand high temperatures.

Did you notice one thing about this? Next time, you are driving a ‘lightyear’, you don’t have to think of parking it in under shadow. You will always be looking for sun light ! ๐Ÿ™‚

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