Dholera Smart City

Project Overview:

Dholera as the name suggests is world’s biggest greenfield project owned by government of Gujarat. With footprint of around 920 square kilometers, Dholera will be double the size of New Delhi. The project is backed by big giants like IBM, Wipro, Tech Mahindra and others.

Dholera shot into fame in 2009 after Chief Minister of Gujarat Narendra Modi announced Special Investment Region (SIR) for Dholera and vowed to develop a world class greenfield city in Dholera.  The Project shall be a home to millions of people in search of affordable housing and thousands of companies looking for a place to establish and expand their businesses.

Source: Dholera Official Pics

Facts About DHOLERA SIR:

  • Dholera SIR is first investment region to be designed under the proposed Delhi Mumbai Industrial Corridor (DMIC Project).
  • According to FORBES – top 12 fastest growing cities of world and the only city in India.
  • India’s prime minister Narendra Modi’s dream project.
  • A joint Indian-Japanese governement initiative.
  • Total area: 920 sq. km, Development area: 567.39 sq. km.
  • Master town planning is done by UK consultant ‘M/S Halcrow’ in 2009.
  • World class infrastructure & connectivity.
  • Located near Kalpasar dam and Bharuch-Bhavnagar ferry service.
  • High access corridor: city center, industrial, logistic, knowledge & IT, recreation & sports, entertainment.
  • Proximity to mega cities: Ahmadabad, Bhavnagar, Vadodara.
  • Partner countries in Dholera SIR developnment – USA, Japan, Singapore, China, Korea, France, Russia etc.
  • Major investors – CISCO, IBM, Mitsubishi, Hitachi, Mahindra, Zydus etc.

Location of DHOLERA:

  • Dholera is situated in Ahmedabad district in the gulf of khambhat.
  • In proximity with coastal line.
  • Covered by water faces on three sides.
  • On the east face by Gulf of Khambhat. And on the north side by Bavaliari creek. On the southern side by Sonaria creek.

Project Opportunities:

  • Industrial parks, townships, knowledge cities.
  • Road, Rail, Hospital, Water, Sanitation, Tourism and Hospitality.
  • Metro rail system and International airport.
  • Potential for development as a multi-model transportation hub as its lesser distance to all the northern Indian states.
  • World class transport service and foreign markets.


Mumbai – 516 km
Delhi – 815 km
Surat – 278 km
Jamnagar – 313 km
Rajkot – 225 km
Gandhinagar – 128 km


  • Historical significance. Flourishing port of the 18th century.
  • Strategic location and low population.
  • Non fertile land.
  • Planned development.
  • Large government owned land. 27000 Hectares.
  • Additional land pooling.
  • Road & Rail. 10 Lane express highway.
  • Kalpasar reservoir. 50% of total water in 198 dams across Gujarat.
  • Dholera International Airport. 2800 Hectares, Expandable to 7000 HA, 4 runways of 7 km each, cargo industry, aircraft (building, maintenance, repair).

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