Gmail alternatives: our pick of the best apps

Gmail is everywhere on Android smartphones. However, there are some very interesting alternative email clients that could make you quit the Google app. 

If you have an Android smartphone, you know Gmail, the Google mail client pre-installed on the vast majority of devices with this OS. However, some people do not necessarily appreciate the experience offered by this application and would like to see elsewhere.

Fortunately, there are a whole bunch of alternatives worthy of a quick look to get rid of Gmail and comfortably take advantage of these emails. Here is our selection.


The Microsoft mail client is certainly one of the most complete. Compatible with a Gmail, Yahoo, Office 365 and Outlook address (that was logical), it offers an interface highlighting priority emails and where the rest of the emails can be displayed with a switch located at the top of the screen. We can also highlight the automatic grouping of mails that contain a specific file such as a concert ticket or a plane ticket and offer a unified search function. Microsoft requires, its compatibility with Word or Excel files should be emphasized.


Blue Mail is a client that presents itself as an alternative to the clients of the giants like Google or Microsoft. Its greatest strengths are clearly its design and its interface allowing to navigate between the different mailboxes, thanks to a system of tabs. Compatible with almost all type of email addresses, the application is particularly attractive because of its functionality for sorting messages according to several criteria. For productivity, Blue Mail is a good choice.


Spike is clearly the strongest in the way it handles emails. Exit the classic display and say hello to instant messaging mode! Largely inspired by applications like Messenger or WhatsApp, Spike takes up this concept to adapt it to emails. An interface where conversations turn into message bubbles. A particular concept which can attract some as well as put off others. Also note the integration of audio or video calls with contacts who also have the Spike app.


Present for some time on iOS, Spark then arrived on Android the same day as the killing of Inbox . It may be the best replacement for the late Google app. A very well managed sorting between notifications, newsletters, personal emails and already read emails is done from the start of the application in what Spark calls the “Smart Inbox”. Various features make it very pleasant to use, such as postponing notification of emails that are not urgent at the moment. It also includes the planned sending of messages and management of emails by lateral gestures.


Twobird is an email client that also puts a lot of emphasis on its note-taking functions. It is therefore both your inbox and your notebook and you can also find your messages, your notes and your task lists in the same stream. Twobird puts everything on the sobriety of its interface which is indeed very elegant. The application even goes so far as to hide signatures and layouts deemed complex, leaving only the message so that you can focus on what is essential. Finally, your messages are divided into two categories, priority and non-priority, always with the aim of promoting concentration.

Even if walking on the Gmail flowerbeds is an almost impossible mission on Android, all the applications listed here show great strengths and have the means to pull out of the game to recover new users. nd you, what do you use as an email client? Do write in the comment box.

Other than these Gmail alternatives, we also have a list of useful android apps which can be very helpful.

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