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Currently there are approximately three million apps on the Google Play Store. Some of these are masterpieces, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter and Instagram, and some are easy to use in everyday life, which many people are not yet aware of. Here you will get information about some useful apps which can be very useful in your day to day life in the year 2020. These apps will make your Android phone quite interesting. These include applications related to music, productivity, security, utilities etc.

Brave Privacy Browser: This free application takes care of your privacy and security on its web version. This prevents pop-ups, unsolicited advertisements and third-party cookies. In addition, it implements HTTP for secure sites.

Microsoft Edge: This free site helps to sync webpages, add bookmarks and browse history between desktop and Android devices. It also works for integrated reading view, news rating and content blocking.

My Fitness Pal: This platform helps you lose weight by burning calories in a traditional way. There is a large library of food on this platform that gives you easy calorie intake and calculating calories burned during exercise.

Anchor: With this you can record your podcast. With this application you can also convert your recordings into episods. Its basic audio editing tools are also easy to use.

Todoist: If you want to keep life organized, then you should download this app. This app tracks the tasks you have to complete at a given time. You can list tasks based on your preference.

Google Assistant: Google assistant is a kind of personal assistant which can answer all your questions and driven by Artificial Intelligence. Google is working to make it very advanced. You just have to ask a question and the assistant will look for all the possible solutions.

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