Get Free Laptop, PC, and Android Video Games For Download

Today, gaming is becoming a popular hobby—billions of gamers worldwide play games at least once daily. In such situations, gamers beat all levels in a game in significantly less time. Hence, now you have to purchase another game. Such a cycle makes gaming an expensive hobby.

So here we are, ending your woes by sharing a way to get free access to numerous video games. This article will share a few websites offering free video games for download. These websites let you enjoy new gaming without spending a penny. You can get games for a laptop and Android for free.

Let’s explore the world of free gaming.

Video Games Free Download For Laptop

Online Gaming

Gaming evolved from rolls and dice to video games. Playing video games at home began with the invention of video games for TV, and there has been no stopping ever since. Today, gamers play video games on laptops and phones. So, here are a few top websites that allow video games free download for laptops


Steam is one of the first licensed gaming distribution platforms for computer games downloaded online. It has a massive collection of games, mostly from world-famous developers, making it safe and reliable. Moreover, its high-speed download and multiplayer support are an added advantage for home gamers. 


GOG is another popular website that provides free video game downloads for PCs. It has something for everyone: action, simulation, role-playing, and adventure games. For more options, you can also browse GOG’s affordable paid games.

OVA Games

OVA Games is a computer games download online portal with a vast collection. All its games have the latest updated version, HD, and with repacks. Each game comes with a download and installation manual. You can easily download these games through various direct download providers. is the best independent games platform for finding, downloading, and sharing video games. It also allows game makers to build a page for consumers to buy or download their computer games. Some of its games have 3D graphics. You can quickly download video games by converting the zip files. Moreover, you can also choose paid versions of certain games.


Origin is an online gaming platform with digital distribution software. Electronic Arts, a successful game developer, owns the platform. It allows video games download for PC and mobile. Moreover, you can also utilize the platform’s social features like profile building and management, chatting with friends, and video streaming using TwitchTV. 

Top 3 Free Video Games for P.C.

Video games for PC

If you are wondering which game to play next, check out the following games. These are free video games that you can download and play anytime on your laptop.

Destiny 2

Destiny 2 is a science fiction shooting game launched in 2017. It allows you and your friends to be immortal warriors fighting interplanetary threats across the solar system. It is a free video game that is available for download from Steam. Moreover, it has a heavy-action MMO with a design content vault. 


Eggnogg+ is a fantastic alternative to the Nidhogg games and is free. The game allows you to have sword duels with opponents while racing to the map’s opposite side. It also lets you use the weapon as a missile or a melee tool. Moreover, Eggnogg+’s retro visuals give the game an old-school charm.

Lost Ark

Lost Ark, an action game, is a popular P.C. video game. Smilegate RPG developed it and made it available to the U.S. audience through Amazon Games. It features stimulating ranged and melee warriors distributed in 15 character classes. The game has solid single and multiplayer action. Moreover, it has a fantastic time sink.

Websites For Android Video Games Download

Android is the most-used mobile software. It is also the fastest-growing software with a good reach. Moreover, Android allows users to download and play video games for free from various websites. Therefore, we have compiled a list of famous websites where you can get the best, and the old video games download for Android.

Google Play

Google is the most trusted and oldest video games download site for Android. Previously known as the Android market, it has numerous apps in various categories. It also has a massive collection of free video games for download

Google, the owner of Google Play, allows easy download of games. Moreover, you can also purchase games using your credit card. You can easily access its features by signing in using your Google account. 

Android Apps

Android Apps is an online gaming website with handpicked games updated daily. It has both free and paid video games for download. The app also lets game developers promote their games.

Android Games Room

Android Games Room is a treasure house of free and paid video games for download. With thousands of games in various categories, you can easily download the game of your choice on your Android mobile. Moreover, you can access this site merely by scanning a QR code.  

Top 3 Free Video Games for Android

Below are the top three free video games for download with fun gameplay and fair in-app purchases. You can play them on your Android phone without any interruptions.

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened

Harry Potter: Magic Awakened is an artistic game with generous fan service. The game revolves around the RTS battles. In this game, you can defeat your opponent using prebuilt card decks of monsters and spells. Besides battles, you can roam around interacting with familiar places at every corner of Hogwarts. 


Roblox is a popular game among children. It is a collection of games built by its users in a virtual universe. Roblox has no limit to the content you will encounter while playing it. It closely resembles the famous game Minecraft, where children use the platform as their digital avatar’s playground. 

Marvel Snap

Marvel Snap is a free card game and one of the best card games on Android. It has fast-paced strategic rounds and creative deck-building techniques. You can access cosmetics with microtransactions. Moreover, you will need time to unlock all the cards.  

Summing Up

Gaming is a popular hobby and a terrific way to enjoy your free time. You can play games alone or with friends by getting free video games for download from any of the sites mentioned above. These websites are the safest and most reliable sources of video games. They will not land you in any trouble. So, use the abovementioned list to fuel your gaming hobby anytime and anywhere.


Where can I get free video games downloaded for PC?

Microsoft and other app stores offer many free video game download options. Moreover, you can also use sites like Miniclip and Myplaycity to enjoy playing mini-games online. GOG, Steam,, etc., are platforms with numerous free video games for download.

Which is the best video game?

Minecraft is the best video game to date. With 300 million copies sold on various platforms, it tops the free video game download chart. The 140 million active players can freely and creatively build new worlds in Minecraft. 

Is it safe to download video games from websites?

Free video game downloads are risky affairs that can expose you to spoofing, malware attacks, phishing, viruses, etc. Therefore, we advise you to use the free video game download option of websites with proper security checks. 

Who is the owner of Ocean of Games?

Ocean of Games is a huge gaming platform owned by Ocean Software, a British company. It offers a massive collection of free video games for download and a networking feature where players can chat while playing. It allows both single and multiplayer gaming.

Can we play PC games on Android mobile?

You can play only specific ported titles of PC games on Android mobile. Nowadays, Stadia and Nvidia Gefore allow playing PC games on Android. However, it is challenging to download PC games on Android mobile.

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