Ways to Wear Scarf: Know the Top Ones Here

Typically worn as winter accessories, scarves are easy, carefree apparel. But if you can experiment with different ways to wear scarf, you can make it a stylish statement. A scarf can set trends in the fashion world. Besides, it can provide warmth in winter and protect you from heat in summer. 

Scarves can be of any material. It can be silk, woollen, satin, linen, etc. A scarf’s material plays an important role in scarf styling ideas. A scarf of a particular material is styled in a particular manner with the dress. For instance, a woollen scarf is styled to protect you from the cold. However, a satin scarf is preferred more as an add-on accessory.

A scarf is a versatile yet essential wardrobe accessory. Nothing can beat a scarf in styling your outfit. A scarf can do anything, whether you want to add a pop of colour to your outfit or style your dress differently from the last time. Moreover, one scarf can make several style statements, depending on how you wear it. Therefore, let’s talk about the significant ways to wear a scarf to update your wardrobe with a stylish look.

Try These 10 Scarf Draping Styles

You need only a wide square or rectangle scarf to create these 15 diverse styles. Most of these knots can be made with only one scarf. Here are some scarf draping styles to look stylish every day.  

Drape Your Scarf

The Bundle

Scarves are widely used as protection against cold. Hence, if you are looking for an answer to how to wear a winter scarf, go for the Bundle style. Take the scarf, usually woollen, and drape it around your shoulders. Now loop and hang the longer end around your neck. Now, tie or wrap the two ends off to the side.

The Cowl

Wrap one end of your scarf around your neck much shorter than the other. Tuck in the loose ends after completing two rounds around your neck with the long end. If you wear a scarf with fringe, ensure some of it hangs in front.

Classic Loop

The simple yet attractive appearance of this loop makes it a classic! Place the scarf around your neck. The shorter end must lie on your chest. Now, loop the longer end around your neck twice before hanging it down.


One of the most loved scarf styling ideas is the Belted. In this style, drape the scarf around the neck with the two ends hanging in the front evenly past the waist. Now, tuck the scarf inside a stylish belt around your waist.

The Shawl

The most fashionable style to bundle up for fall is by treating the scarf like a shawl. To style your scarf as a shawl, spread it out and wrap it around the shoulders evenly. Take one end across the shoulder and the other one down the body. 


French Knot

Another popular scarf styling idea is the classic French knot. You can easily do it with any smooth material scarf. You can start by folding the scarf into one thin band. Then, wrap the folded band comfortably around your neck, crossing the two ends behind your neck. Make the two ends meet near your chin and tie a single knot. Lastly, adjust the knot’s position slightly towards any one side and double the knot.

Over The Shoulder

Sometimes, you can style the scarf by simply throwing it over the shoulders. To style this classic look, fold the scarf to the width of your preference. Then, put the folded piece around your neck, with both ends lying over each shoulder to the front of the body. Adjust one end hanging longer than the other. Lastly, take the longer end across the chest over the opposite shoulder.

The Clipped Scarf

You can be creative with any scarves hanging in your closet with a scarf clip or ring. For this chic style, wrap the scarf around your neck and take a ring or pin to keep the two ends together. The pop of metal draws the eye while adding subtle sophistication.

The Tied Choker

One of the best ways to keep your neck accessorised and save it from cold is styling the scarf as the tied choker. You can begin by taking the scarf’s ends and throwing them behind you on each shoulder. Bring each end from the back of your neck to the front of the opposite shoulder. Then, tie the scarf in front of you. You can adjust the knot position to fit different looks.

The Pretzel

Another classic look, the Pretzel is one of the most preferred scarf styles. Fold the scarf in half and put it around the neck to get the look. Take the top end from underneath the loop. Now, bring up the bottom end to pass through the same loop.


Scarves are the most versatile clothing accessory. It allows you to change the creative expression of your daily routine. Above are some of the elegant scarf styling ideas and scarf draping styles. Mix these styles with different outfits and create a new look. With your simple yet versatile scarf and confidence, you will always rock it.

FAQs on Ways to Wear Scarf

How to Wear a Scarf for Winter?

A shorter scarf works well for neckties and basic draperies; a longer scarf works well for more in-depth knots. Still, how do you wear a scarf for winter? Heavy winter scarves work best for a basic toss-and-tuck but experiment with a few different kinds of scarves to see how each knot looks.

How to Wear a Scarf on a Kurti?

Are you all over that flawless Indo-Western look this season? It appears lovely, appealing, and stylish. Who doesn’t think that someone has a nice desi look? Everyone does! Wear a kurta or kurta pyjamas with one of your most fashionable scarves for the best results. Accessorise your appearance with jhumkas and firm lips. You’ll have a fantastic appearance.

How to Wear a Scarf on the Head and Face?

Start by draping the scarf over your head with the ends hanging loosely. Take one end and wrap it across your head to cover the opposite shoulder. This method keeps dirt and pollution off while providing a sophisticated, retro look that’s both protective and stylish.

How to Wear a Scarf With Jeans?

Wear a white shirt or a casual tee tucked into jeans. Then, take a square scarf and wrap it snugly around your neck. Elevate this ensemble with platform heels or sneakers for a fashionable, streetwise style. Optionally, use the scarf as a belt for an added chic touch.

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