The Real Story of Valentine’s Day

My dear friends, today I am writing the real story behind Valentine’s Day which is rarely known to people.

1600 years ago, the practice of getting married in European countries was not common at all. If you watch Hollywood films, you must have seen that despite being a husband, the man starts living with another woman and nobody had any objections. In this way, men used to live with women without marriage and women with other men just for sense gratification. If you have heard the statements of the historians of that time, then in that too, sex was considered the joy of life and sense satisfaction was the primary object of life.

At that time many people in Europe considered it bad to live without marriage and to have children. While this was happening continuously, there was a Saint in Europe whose name was Valentin. He studied Indian civilization and considered it wrong to live without marriage. He launched a campaign and made many boys of Europe his disciples. By coincidence, he became the pastor of the church and started marrying couples in the church who had a love affair. Many became followers of Valentin and he used to motivate every person who came to the church to get married. Thus, he got hundreds of young men married.

King Claudius of Rome!

During Valentin’s time, King Claudius of Rome ruled. When King Claudius came to know about Valentin that he was trying to change the culture of Europe. He thought that “We are people who are having fun without getting married and Valentine wants to change our culture”. For this reason, one day King Claudius ordered Valentin to be captured. Valentin went to the court of King Claudius. Claudius asked: “What are you doing, spreading iniquity, bringing a culture which is not acceptable to us?” When Valentin did not listen to King Claudius, he ordered Valentin to be hanged.

Then Valentine was hanged!

In this way, Valentin was hanged on 14 February 498. His allegation was that he used to marry children. At that time, the king sentenced him to death for petty reasons and no one dared to oppose him. From then onwards, the day Valentine was hanged, the young men and women who were married by Valentine, started celebrating that day as Valentine’s Day. Thus Valentine’s Day became a big celebration for people in Europe.

It started trending in India and other countries in the 90s when the news of Valentine’s Day started airing in TV channels and newspapers. In today’s era, young students of schools and colleges are celebrating Valentine’s day without knowing the actual purpose of it. Some people started making business from this Valentine’s Day, like those who make greeting cards and sell gifts.

Other than this, now Valentine celebration is a week celebration which is a modified form of Valentine’s day.

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