The man who changed a government school in UP (India)

Ityala Mafi Government Primary School of Sambhal District in Uttar Pradesh (India) is an example of unique education system for all state schools across the country. The standard of education of this school is also different from the private English medium school. In terms of environment and hygiene, five hundred flower pots and three hundred trees have been planted in the school. The entire school area is under the surveillance of CCTV cameras. Classes are conducted by video projectors and computerized learning systems. Solar fans are installed to avoid heat. Tubewell tank and summer Seville are installed for drinking water. All this is not from the government treasury but from the pocket of the school’s principal Kapil Malik. So far, Malik has spent more than Rs 20 lakh from his own pocket.

School premises of government school in UP India
School Premises of Govt. School in UP (India)

This school was not so beautiful before. When Kapil got an appointment in this school in 2010, the condition of the school was much worse. The education system and other facilities in the school were exactly like the common government schools, which was the reason that the school then had an enrollment of only 47 children, out of which only 15 children used to come for studies. In 2013 Kapil became the acting Principal of this school. Seeing the extreme system of the school, Kapil decided to rejuvenate the school, taking this responsibility on his shoulders.

20 lakhs spent by himself!

In Uttar Pradesh, the government receives a total of 6 thousand rupees every year for the maintenance of the schools, but Kapil has spent Rs 16 lakhs so far in maintaining this school, it is obvious that this amount is from Kapil’s own side. Kapil’s family also has a big hand behind this selfless gesture. Kapil’s family never stopped him for this noble cause.

Classroom in government school in UP India
Classroom of a Govt. School in UP (India)

According to Kapil, other teachers of the school also support him in every way in this noble initiative. Kapil’s father is running a solar energy business so Kapil is given financial freedom, yet Kapil has spent his salary and some amount from home in the rejuvenation of this school.

What is special about this school?

Earlier, many facilities were not available for the children, such as furniture, sports grounds, drinking water. Due to lack of school boundary, villagers used to bring their bullock carts to the school premises. In such a situation, only 15 to 20 children could reach school. Presently the number of school students has crossed 400. As soon as you go to classrooms in school, you feel like you are in a good convent school. These rooms are decorated according to the studies of the students. These classrooms are well equipped with fan, furniture and other basic facilities.

It is one of the few primary schools in the state where computer education is also imparted to students. The special thing about the school is that in this school, teachers teach on the marker board. The school also has a smart class with WiFi, which helps the students to learn more in an interesting way. Also the school teachers and children attend biometric machines on everyday basis.

In this school, students are also provided with tie and ID cards. With this, the students are also tested every month and the names of the topping students are marked on the school board. Commonly the mid-day meal which is served in government schools is of very poor quality, but Kapil has changed this concept in his school.

Hygienic Kitchen in Uttar Pradesh Government School
Hygienic Kitchen in Uttar Pradesh School

Kapil gets the ration shop done himself. The quality of food available in the school is very good so that students never avoid eating the mid-day meal.

His hard work has paid off!

Students’ interest in studies has increased so much so that now students are able to score more than 95 percent. The credit for this goes to Kapil and his efforts. You can also estimate the level of education in the school by the fact that many convent schools in the area have been closed due to this school. The number of students studying in this primary school is more than 250.

Received award from Chief Minister!

Gradually, when the discussion of this school started in the education world of the state, the Uttar Pradesh State Government declared this school as an ideal school. Primary school of Itayala Maafi has been awarded for being the cleanest primary school in the state, Kapil Malik received this honor by CM Yogi Adityanath of UP. Significantly, Kapil has received a sum from the Education Department as a reward which Kapil had invested in the development of the school.

Kapil Malik received award from chief minister of UP India
Kapil Malik Receives Award from CM of UP (India)

Malik narrates that when he took charge of the school, he had to face a lot of challenges to get the school ready. Now they are getting lot of support from the villagers too. All this is the ability of Principal Kapil Malik. In fact, this government primary school is presenting a unique example for other government and private schools in the country.

We congratulate Mr. Malik for this great and matchless work he has done.

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