Ola Scooter India: Specs, Dealership and Expected Price

Technically sound automobile industry of India is contributing towards economic welfare along with sustainable development. It shows how economy and technology go hand in hand.The vehicles are going electric in India. The idea is to have a clean environment with long-term economic goals. Ola electric scooters is one such outlook towards achieving this goal. In this article, we have brought to you all the details regarding the ola scooter.

What is an ola scooter?

Ola scooter is a two wheeler which is electric. It comes with a rechargeable battery. An ola scooter is lighter to use due to less moving parts.

Basic details of ola scooter:

NameOla Electric Scooter
Price₹1 Lakh (*Estimated Price)
Launch DateAugust 15, 2021
Manufactured byOla(Ola FutureFactory) CEO: Bhavish Aggarwal
Battery Capacity1155wh
ColorsTen colors: White, Black, Grey, Yellow, Cyan, Pink, Bridge, Dark Blue, Red, Dark Grey
Charging Time50% in 18 minutes (Hypercharger network)

Ola Scooter Specifications:

Here are the specifications of an ola scooter:

  • Ola scooter will be electric and easy to handle. 
  • The electric motor of an ola scooter generates a torque of 50 NM.
  • Ola scooter will get disc brakes in the front and rear.
  • The claimed weight of the ola scooter is 74 kg.
  • The tyres of the ola scooter will be tubeless. It has alloy wheels.

Ola scooter specs overview

Motor Power6000W
Seat Height1155mm
Fuel typeElectric

Ola Scooter Photos

Just have a look at the all new designed ola scooters. This comes in 10 colors. You may choose any color you love to buy.

How to get Ola Scooter Dealership:

The ola company did not yet make any official announcement on the ola scooter dealership. As per the latest updates, the company will be launching its product ola scooter in India. All the information regarding the dealership of ola scooter will probably be circulated after the launch. No information is yet announced regarding the application form by the official authorities. However, we suggest you to stay updated from the official website. You can check the updates related to the ola scooter dealership from the official website of ola electric which is: https://www.olaelectric.com.

Ola Scooter Charging:

The ola scooter can be charged in two ways:

  • Home charging: You can charge your ola scooter at home in any 5A socket. At home your ola scooter will be charged in 5 hours.
  • Ola scooter charging station: Charging networks are installed in around hundred cities in India with effective charging for the ola scooter. The charging network installation will be covering 400 cities in future.
  • The ola company is all set to install more hyper charging stations. Your ola scooter will get  50% charged in 18 minutes at a hyper charging station. The range will be 75-80km in 18 minutes.
  • According to the charging and battery capacity, the top speed of an ola scooter will range from 45-75km per hour. The motor which will be powered by the battery is AC brushless.

Features of an ola scooter:

Here we list all the features(claimed by the company) of an ola scooter

  • Ola scooter will come with a class leading range and speed.
  • The ola electric scooter features will be first-in-class and largest in class boot space.
  • Ola scooter will come with an effective charging point and a clock.
  • There will be a 7-inch touch screen display along with navigation support.
  • Ola scooter is claimed to have 4G network support along with calling and streaming features.
  • One of the interesting things about the ola scooter will be the mobile connectivity of Bluetooth and Wi-Fi.
  • It will have a Digital Speedometer.
  • Another good feature of the ola scooter will be a digital trip meter.

How does an ola scooter work?

An ola electric scooter works with the help of a chargeable battery. It has a charging point which is used to charge the battery. Rechargeable battery gives power to the electric motor. The electric motor in turn moves the wheels of the scooter. The ola scooter thus starts working. So, basically it is based on the principle of converting mechanical energy into electrical energy.

Ola Scooter Vs Activa:

              Ola Scooter                Activa
Ola scooter is an electric vehicle which runs with the help of a chargeable battery.Activa is a combustion engine vehicle which runs on petrol.
It is environment friendly with no carbon footprints or other harmful pollutants in the air.It releases harmful pollutants in the air and may cause air pollution.
The cost per charge of an ola electric scooter is less.The cost per charge is more unlike an ola scooter.
The service centre and outlets are yet to be spread across the country especially to the rural areas.The circulation and access is more in rural areas and can be effectively maintained as well.
Cost of running an ola scooter is less. It is approximately ₹2000 per year.Cost of running an Activa is more. It is approximately ₹16000 per year.
Provision of subsidies by the central government. People of some States (Gujarat, Maharashtra & Delhi) get the state subsidies as well.Buyers have to pay the actual price of the vehicle.
It has cheap maintenance due to less moving parts.It requires higher maintenance along with higher petrol charges.

How to book an Ola Scooter?

To book an ola scooter, you are required to follow the following steps:

  • Firstly, you need to go to the official website of ola electric which is: https://www.olaelectric.com
  • Then, click on the option called ‘Reserve for ₹499’.
  • The next step is to choose the color and model (eg. Ola S1 & Ola S1 Pro). Ten colors are available and you can choose the one which you like.
  • Then, provide your mobile number and sign in along with an OTP validation.
  • The next step is to fill in the details like your name and email ID.
  • Finally reserve or book your ola scooter by paying ₹499. You can pay using your net banking, UPI, debit card, e-wallets or Ola Money.
  • Once your booking is successfully done, you will receive your order ID and all the other details via SMS or email.
  • Remember that no documents are required to book your ola scooter.
  • You can also transfer the ola scooter in someone else’s name. For this, you can raise a request to the company.


We see a huge boom of electric vehicles in the Indian automobile market along with sales. Effective service centres and outlets must be installed near or in the rural areas as well. Electric vehicles are contributing towards a clean environment along with employment opportunities and economic growth. It has shown an effective way towards sustainable development of India. The future seems electric.


What will be the torque of an ola scooter?

The torque available will be 50nm.

What type of tyres will an ola scooter have?

It will have tubeless tyres.

What is the start type of an ola scooter?

It has a push button start.

What is the claimed speed range of the ola scooter?

The claimed range is 150km.

How much weight will an ola scooter carry?

The weight carrying capacity is not yet officially disclosed. You probably need to wait for further updates regarding loading capacity.

Will the ola scooter have a low battery indicator?

Yes. It will have a low battery indicator.

Can we cancel the order after booking the ola scooter?

You can cancel and modify the order in the near future.

Will the cancellation of reserving an ola scooter be refunded?

Yes, it will be refunded.

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