Virtual Celebration Ideas for Indian Republic Day or Indian Independence Day

India celebrates 15th August as its Independence Day and 26th January every year. Both the days are very important for Indians. Republic day is the day on which constitution was adopted by India and the Independence day is the day, India got independence from the British rule.

Though the two days are celebrated in grand manner by Indians across the country but because of pandemic, it’s not possible for you to have the celebration with gatherings and activities outside unlike every other year but it doesn’t mean that you will have no celebration at all. You can definitely commemorate the day virtually. Be it schools, offices or the kitty parties, we have come up with some very good ideas on how to celebrate Independence Day or Republic Day virtually. Here are some virtual celebration ideas which will help you to get connected with the importance of day.

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Activities for Children:

If you are thinking about some celebration ideas and let your children know about the importance of 15th August or 26th January, then you can opt for the following ideas :

  • Virtual flag hoisting – As you can’t have the normal flag hoisting outside, teachers and parents can arrange a virtual platform using video calling applications to gather children virtually and sing national anthem together.
  • Use national flag – In order to make the celebration more enthusiastic and interesting, everyone one of you can stand with the national flag in your hands, waving it or you can even use stickers or papers made with tricolor which will give the feeling of celebration at schools.
  • Online drama – One or two persons can take responsibility to instruct children for preparing patriotic skits or any small drama based on the freedom struggle and can be shown during the virtual program.
  • Art and craft competition: The first way of doing this activity requires instructing children before the main day to submit the picture of any self-made piece of art and craft and uploading the pictures together. The other way is to organize a competition online followed by selecting and showing the pictures together.
  • Fun activities – Children love fun activities, so you can have a jumble word game based on the theme of freedom struggle. You can reveal the correct answers after they are done answering their part. To give you a clear idea about the game, here is the hint: jumbled words- FDREOEM, HYTRISO, SRTUGLGE etc.
  • Singing and dance competitions – Singing and dancing are very fascinating during 15th August or 26th January celebration. You can arrange various video conferencing meetings and organize such competitions virtually.
  • Poetry competition – Children can be asked to submit their poetries on the theme of freedom struggle. You may arrange prizes for the best three poetries.
  • Fancy dress competition – Online Fancy dress competition where children can dress up like a freedom fighter including dressing like Bharat Mata, it will be very interesting to watch the event which will further fill your hearts with patriotism.
  • Quiz competitions – Quiz competitions are one of the most common celebration ideas. Hence, questions can be prepared on the basis of freedom struggle happenings.

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Virtual Independence Day/Republic Day Ideas for Office:

Are you also looking for some ideas on how to celebrate Independence Day/Republic Day in virtual office? Then we have come up with the following ideas for you.

  • The tricolor background themes – The idea is to update your background theme with the tricolor concept. With this idea, you will have the saffron, white and green (tricolor) background while video conferencing. This will be very interesting. You can even decorate your work place and conference rooms with Indian flags and flowers to get that patriotic feeling and thrill of the celebration.
  • Watch patriotic movie together – How about choosing one or two patriotic movies and watch it together? It will be fun and will unite you to celebrate the freedom fighters. For convenience, here are some softwares which can help you with this and they are: Watch2gether, Syncplay, Twoseven, Plex VR and Rabbit. You may decide a movie this Independence Day. Few movies for your suggestion list are: Rang De Basanti, The Legend of Bhagat Singh, Border, Raazi, The Ghazi attack and if you want a complete list of other movies, then you can also check on various movie sites.
  • Patriotic karaoke competition – One or two members of the office can arrange the karaoke platform using apps like: SingPlus, GaoNa Karaoke, Smule sing, Karaoke sing and record. Then the online audience can vote for the best performers. This would be one of the best virtual celebration ideas.
  • Virtual Tour – One interesting activity is to visit some important places of India to get that very enthusiastic feeling of the celebration. The idea is to watch previous year celebrations held at different places in the country. On Internet, you can find old videos and pictures of national parades and programs.
  • Art, Crafts and painting competitions – Arrange Art, Crafts and painting competitions online where you can showcase your talent and the theme can be paintings, arts and crafts of any freedom fighter or any creative freedom struggle depiction.
  • Online Games – Games are one of the most fascinating virtual celebration ideas and online games like video call games can be so interesting in this regard. You can get some Indian games featuring Rani Laxmibai, Bhagat Singh, Tipu Sultan, and Maharana Pratap (Reliance games) online which can be selected and sent to employee participants and the goal is to kill the British soldiers and spies. You may fix a prize or a coupon for the winner.
  • Fun activities – Online dance and skit plays will be good and fun-loving for the 15th August or 26th January celebration. Coming online and singing patriotic and freedom struggle songs together will also be a good idea for this celebration.
  • Quiz competitions – Quiz competitions are loved by almost everyone, be it schools or office employees. So, arranging an online quiz competition will be a great virtual idea to make the celebration special. The questions can be asked on the basis of freedom struggle happenings.
  • Show it on the screen – A creative and different kind of game is to come together in a meeting through video conferencing and then play this wonderful game called ‘Show it on the screen’. The playing is simple. Just say a word. It can be any object like an apple, or a stick or a pen and then you will have to rush in the specified time to get that particular item and show it on the screen and on succeeding, you are required to sing a patriotic song. This game will be of great fun and will inculcate a feeling of patriotism.
  • Word Search – You must have played this game on paper at least once in your childhood but virtually the idea is to put up a picture or a slide of letters on screen and then you must make a meaningful word out of it. Make sure to keep freedom struggle as the theme.

Virtual Celebration Ideas for Kitty Party:

Other than offices and schools, these celebrations are seen in kitty parties too where members come up with creative ideas to celebrate them with great enthusiasm and patriotism. Due to pandemic, the activities can be carried out in the following ways:

  • An online cooking competition – You can either upload pictures of your cooked dishes online or there could be a live online competition where you will cook the dish and the best will be awarded a prize.
  • Tiranga Tombola games – Tombola games are quite common in a kitty party, hence, on the occasion of 15th August or 26th January celebration, Tiranga Tambola game can be organized. This is quite similar to the Tambola game, the only exception is to get the picture of the Indian flag and put circles on it and then place the numbers in it. Rest of the rules remain same like Tambola. You can also download the apps like online Tambola, Tambola housie etc.
  • Q & A – Another interesting celebration idea will be gathering online and then asking some basic questions on freedom struggle like subject matters of constitution, specific dates or names of the revolutions, massacre, and related to freedom fighters and you are required to answer in a specified time. If you win, you need to hoist the flag virtually by holding a paper flag in the hand and then singing a patriotic song. The winner will be sent a gift hamper.
  • Fancy dress competition – In order to make your kitty party more fun and interesting, you can come up being dressed like freedom fighters who contributed to the freedom struggle including dressing like Bharat Mata and this will be a real fun walking on a virtual ramp through video conferencing.
  • Slogan game – A slogan will be mentioned on the screen and you have to tell the freedom fighter’s name who said it and it will be one of the interesting virtual celebration ideas.
  • Singing competition – A patriotic singing themed karaoke will allow you to participate in the singing competition where you will have to sing any patriotic song you like. The online audience including the members will vote for the favorite singers. Apps which can be used are Smule sing, GaoNa karaoke.

Some Other Ideas on How to Celebrate Independence Day/Republic Day Virtually:

Celebration has no definite form; all it needs is the zest. To live the fervor of patriotism, schools can organize online debates, singing, dancing, quiz competitions which can help children to inculcate ideas pertaining to freedom struggle.

  • Colleges can organize poster making competitions.
  • Professionals can arrange a virtual meet in ethnic wear.
  • Families of professionals/students can join the online activities.
  • Recitation of biographies of great leaders virtually can help in maintaining the zeal.
  • Discussion of some important key points from constitution can also be very interesting.

During pandemic, though the celebration will be virtual but it hasn’t drowned the spirit to celebrate the freedom and oneness. These two days must be commemorated for freedom fighters and the ones who contributed to design the constitution. You can definitely come up on various virtual platforms to share the significance of the freedom struggle and the great constitution adopted by India.

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