False Ceiling

When it comes to construction of house, False Ceiling is one of essential things. Most of the modern houses have false ceiling in place. False ceiling actually adds extra luxury to your bedrooms, living rooms, dining rooms, balconies etc. The special attribute of false ceiling is that, we can have beautiful lights to false ceiling design. Let’s know the various aspects of False Ceiling.

What is False Ceiling ?

As the name suggests, false ceiling is a ceiling which is false in nature. The false ceiling is created below the actual ceiling. There are varieties of false ceilings available in the market in terms of material and quality. We will talk about different types of false ceiling in this post. False ceiling also provides temperature control. So if you have AC installed in your bedroom or elsewhere then false ceiling can actually provide heat insulation. False ceiling can also help you to hide all the wiring which you need to put for electrification. An iron framework generally works as a support for hanging the false ceiling.

Below image shows various parts of a false ceiling.


Let’s understand the various types of False Ceiling.

Types of False Ceiling

False ceiling can be done using different materials. On the basis of the material the look and feel of ceiling changes. Here I am classifying the various types of ceilings.

  1. Gypsum Ceiling
  2. Plaster of Paris Ceiling
  3. PVC Ceiling
  4. Fiber Ceiling
  5. Wooden Ceiling
  6. Glass Ceiling
  7. Metal Ceiling
  8. Synthetic Leather or Cloth Ceiling

Gypsum Ceiling

Gypsum ceiling is more or less made up of square boards that are hung with the support of iron frame. When we have square boards with finishing, paints and wallpapers, they look very good.

Gypsum Board Plain False Ceiling

Plaster of Paris Ceiling

Plaster of Paris (POP) false ceilings are most popular false ceilings in modern days. This type of ceiling is cheaper, long lasting and is easily available. POP is produced by heating to the gypsum by certain degrees.

POP False Ceiling

PVC Ceiling

A PVC (Poly Vinyl Chloride) panel first came from Germany. PVC ceiling uses panels over iron farming. PVC ceilings are cheaper in cost and have many advantages. Some advantages are given below.

  1. Water proof
  2. Termite proof
  3. Rust proof
  4. Fire retardant
  5. Detachable
  6. Light weight
PVC Ceiling Panel

Fiber Ceiling

Fiber Ceiling is the most cheapest type of ceiling in the market. You may find these type of ceilings in commercial buildings. Therer are different varieties of fibers available in the market. Acrylic fiber is most common among fibers. If you are looking for ceiling in the bathroom then acrylic fiber is the best choice. They are helpful for centralized air conditions. Fiber ceiling also has the advantage of accessing the internal wiring easily. Fiber is available in different sizes and shapes.

Fiber False Ceiling

Wooden Ceiling

Wooden is very attractive and gives very natural look. This type of false ceilings add extra luxury to the interiors. Wooden can also be used with other ceiling types like POP. Wooden is a little costly so wooden false ceilings can cost you more. They are mostly used in residential buildings because of cost considerations. While using wooden, you also have to think of termite attack.

Wooden False Ceiling

Glass Ceiling

Glass is non crystalline material with advantage of transparency and this also has options of making it non transparent by means of admixtures.

Some POP ceilings also use glass to become more attractive. Glass can help reduce the heat as it is a good insulator of heat.

Glass Ceiling

Metal Ceiling

Metal is used for this type of ceiling and this is very commonly used in outdoor ceiling because this can withstand with high temperatures easily. For the metal ceiling, they use galvanized iron and aluminum. This type of ceiling is cost-effective also.

Metal False Ceiling

Synthetic Leather or Cloth Ceiling

This type of ceilings use leather and cloth for final layers. As these materials can be easily transformed into any shape.

Synthetic Leather or Cloth False Ceiling

Though cheaper in cost, they are mostly used for temporary tents. The main reason is that they catch dust easily.

Hope, you have liked this post. Please check our collection of False Ceiling Designs. If you have any suggestions then please drop them in the comment section.

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