Brazzers, Beeg, Blacked and Others At a Glance

Today, the internet is full of porn content. If you search for top keywords on Google, you will see Brazzers, Beeg, Blacked and Others ranking on top. Modern generation has lot of time for searching the adult content but no time for themselves. Brazzers, as known widely by people across the globe, is a pornographic production company that has headquarters in Montreal, Canada. They have an online network of 31 hardcore pornographic websites. They claim to have more than 1700 porn stars working with them producing only HD content. There are plenty of other websites like Brazzers, Beeg, Blacked (Adult TV Series) etc. which are producing pornographic/adult content every day. Let’s analyze and understand various aspects related to pornographic/adult sites.

Why people watch porn/adult content?

People say that, watching porn is a need of the body. Senses demand for this pleasure and once this desire of pleasure goes in the advanced stage, it leads one to watch porn. All this happens because of our enjoying tendency which we have developed over the years. I have tried to classify this into 3 categories.

Unintentional Landing

Today, the Internet is full of content. When we want to search for something, we take the help of Google. Google brings to you the most suitable results for your search. But when we have so many search results, we also have the choice to choose one and check the desired content. Once we land to the website which we have chosen, we get to see some content with advertisements in the corners. And this is where the problem starts. These advertisements which are seen by you are highly targeted according to your age group. Many of the times, when you get to see some pornographic advertisement along with your content, you tend to open it and it will take you to the pornographic website. So this way, unintentionally you land to a pornographic website.

Intentional Surfing

Once someone lands to a pornographic website, it becomes a habit. And this happens because we are dragged by our senses. Although we have lot of desires embedded into our system but the sexual desire is the highest desire which is very difficult to subside. It is exactly like drug addiction,. Once you develop the desire to consume it, you go for it irrespective of many difficulties you may have.

Intentional surfing is when you already have plans for watching porn and then you consume it by different means. It may be by visiting those websites which you have known via advertisements, it may be by playing pornographic DVDs or it may also be by watching stored videos in your systems.

Influential Learning

They say that it is an education which can help you learn many aspects of our physical needs. They say that when you are new to something, many things are very new for you so if you learn it beforehand, it becomes easy for you. I have heard youngsters saying, “Hey, this is part of life which you shall experience and if you have not done it now, perhaps you have missed a very important thing in your life.” I have also learned that many men and women, in their free time, when they communicate to close ones, they come to watch it together and enjoy it like a relaxing remedy. ‘Come on, let’s experience it at least once’, can make you crazy.

Shall we watch videos or episodes on Brazzers/Blacked/Beeg ?

Of course, I am no one to stop you from watching porn/adult content but then I can tell you, ‘Is it really necessary to watch videos on Brazzers, Blacked, Beeg or other platforms ?’

Unless you are mature enough to understand whether watching these videos is OK for you, you should probably be taking help of a mentor. If you check for my advice on this, I would not want any of my readers to watch anything which can lead them to horrible results.

Personally, I have analysed lot of things for understanding this better. All of this finally suggests that porn is an addiction which can damage your brain like anything.

Philip Zimbardo, a Ph.D scholar writes about ‘Is Porn Good for Us or Bad for Us?‘. Other than this, Fight the New Drug exists to provide individuals the opportunity to make an informed decision regarding pornography by raising awareness on its harmful effects. Read these articles (3 Reasons Why Watching Porn Is Harmful and 5 Ways Porn Can Harm Your Brain, Body, And Quality Of Life). Lastly, there is a whole lot of information provided by YourBrainOnPorn.

Pros and Cons of watching porn/adult videos !

As per my analysis, there is hardly any benefit of watching porn videos. Let’s know, how dangerous it can be.


Continuous watching porn will make you habitual of masturbation. Masturbation means artificially touching your genitals to make a pleasurable experience. Men and women both become habitual of it. For men, it is very dangerous because they will eject semen which is the very potential of their body. Continuous ejection of sperm can make your body very weak and your brain can have damages that can lead to forgetfulness, dullness and dryness on face. It can also lead to impotence. For women also, this can give depression and anxieties. Please read Reddit’s No Fap.


Prostitution is big business now a days. There are many countries where, prostitution is not an illegal affair. One should know, how porn is contributing to prostitution.

When someone watches porn on continuous basis, they develop desire to experience it physically. This desire becomes so intense that they want to engage in this experience on immediate basis. For this to happen, they need a partner and then comes the prostitution in picture. They will certainly approach a sex worker and engage in this activity for huge payment. And once this pleasure is experienced, they will have an addiction to visit the sex workers frequently. The whole business of prostitution is largely supported by pornographic addiction.


Watching porn has caused a lot of crime already. Lot of people have enough money to visit sex workers after they watch a porn but lot of them may not have. And when they don’t have enough facilities to visit the sex workers, they will look for a partner and engage with him/her forcefully. This forceful engagement is known as rape.

Sometimes an intense desire to engage with a specific partner also forces one to get into rape. They tend to think that if this is not done right now, they will loose this special chance forever. And the desire becomes so intense that they commit crime.

Illicit relations and abortions

People watching porn on regular basis, are most likely to experience the sexual pleasure once in a while. Not only this, there are many cases, when people have had illicit relationships with their own children, relatives, friends and neighbors. This may lead not only to, infamy but also to legal cases.

Abortion is one of those things which is worst for anyone engaged in physical relationship. When there is occurrence of pregnancy, they tend to abort the child. This abortion is widely practiced across the globe. Can you imagine, a child is killed even before getting birth just for little pleasure ?

Waste of Time, Money and Career

You waste your time, your hard earned money and finally your career for want of your sense pleasure. Let’s know, how you waste time.

You watch videos on Brazzers or any other platform, you tend to consume so much of Internet Data, which is costing you high. You download the content, surf it online, you need a lot of time to watch it. You tend to spend money on prostitution and then you pay for lot of diseases which might have harmed you while doing all this non sense.

What to speak of career when you have already wasted so much of time and money in something which was not an absolute necessity for you. It may spoil your career, your relations and can put you behind bars if found guilty in any illegal activity.

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