10 Business Ideas for Women in India: Easy, Home Based, With Low Budget & High Profit

We see tremendous growth in the area of women entrepreneurship in India. Ladies are showing their competencies and potential in almost all the fields of business. Women are making huge profits through home based business opportunities.

Women are capable of doing entrepreneurship along with their personal responsibilities at home. If you are looking for some home-based business opportunities too, this is the right place. Let us go through 10 amazing home-based business ideas for low investment specifically suggested for women or ladies at home.

1. Catering Business from Home:

  • Select a name for your business. This way people will recognize you. 
  • Select your niche which includes: type of food you want to deliver and your target audience. Your customers would include: hostel students, working people, old age people who can’t cook alone, hospital patients.
  • Start with the arrangements in your home kitchen. Get the materials like aluminum foil, wraps, and boxes. Later you can make a separate kitchen on a big scale according to the growth. 
  • Make sure to have a proprietorship or a trade license.  You also need an FSSAI License from the Food Safety & Standard Authority Of India. 
  • You need to find source vendors for your catering supplies.
  • Start with small orders and cook the food  in your kitchen.

Table 1- An overview:

Investment required
₹15,000-20,000 for a separate kitchen and ₹500-1000 for home kitchen
Area requirement160 sq ft

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2. Beauty Care Business:

 You need the following tips to start this business:

  • Select a small room which will be your salon/spa. You can also take a room on rent. This is for ladies from both rural and urban areas.
  • Get some equipment like salon chair, mirror, furniture for customers, a basic light set-up, a table, a towel, scissors, some cotton balls and a water spray bottle.
  • Arrange all the electric products. Make sure to arrange basic skin care products too. Get your normal and bridal make-up kits ready. Blow dryers and face steamers and wax heaters are a must.
  •  Make sure to choose a location where your target audience is more like students or working people. 
  • In the beginning, you may start by handling and providing services on your own. However, you may require a helper when your business grows further.

Table 2-  An Overview:

Investment required
Area required130-150 Sq ft.

3. Home Nursery (Plants and Saplings) Business:

This is one of the best home-based business opportunities. All you need to do is to follow these steps: 

  • Get some saplings and plants in your home. You can choose a variety of plants like aloe-vera, rose plants, tulsi plants etc. Also, get the other useful materials like baskets, wrappers for saplings, essentials to grow your plants.
  •  Get a certification from the municipal corporation of India.
  • Arrange the soil requirements and select a piece of land.
  • Make some sample plant kits for your home. You need a little creativity to do this. You can decorate your kits which would attract your friends and relatives. They might want to buy the kits from you. You may start getting orders for decors and small nurseries.
  • Start by taking small orders or selling plants from home.
  • You can also start taking orders for selling birthday kits of beautiful plants. You can Start with a few. Later your business will flourish as people love greenery in the house. 
  • You can even start orders for creating small green nurseries. Start with your locality. Later you may increase your orders according to the investment.

Table 3-  An Overview:

Investment required
Area requirement800-1000 sq ft

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4. Arts and Handcrafts:

 Here are some tips for this business idea:

  • You can make hand-made items at home. 
  • The hand-made items made by you may include:  hand-made bags, self beaded cushion covers, carpets, hand woven woolen clothes. You can start selling your hand-made items. Initially , you may fix small prices from the items. Letter, start taking orders for selling in bulk. This is one of the reliable work from home business ideas for ladies
  • You can also make some showpieces or gift baskets. You can even buy directly from a store and sell at your prices. 
  • You can sell paintings of deities. 
  • You can sell pots for decorating your home. You can paint the pots to make them look colorful and attractive.
  • The other interesting thing that you could do is to collect items like rakhi bands, traditional clothes for gods’ and goddesses’ idols. Then accept little orders at the initial stage.

Table 4- An Overview:

Investment required
Area requirement120 sq ft

5. Cake and Bakery:

This is one of the best home based business opportunities specially for women looking at business ideas for food.

  • You just need investment on the items to make cakes and cookies at home. 
  • Take orders on birthdays and anniversaries.
  •  Start with taking small orders in your locality.
  •  At the initial stage, the budget should be low. You need to keep the prices minimal.
  • You can start a cake boutique from home. Later, you can convert it into a big cake boutique.

Table 5- An Overview:

Investment required
₹15,000 for a separate cake boutique and no investment for a home cake boutique (charges only for cake materials which is around ₹1500-3000).
Area requirement130-150 sq ft and if from home, then you can use your home kitchen.

6. Birthday Decoration Business:

People love to make birthdays memorable. So, this can be a good business opportunity for you. You can look for the following tips:

  •  All you need is some metallic balloons, metallic ribbons, birthday caps, some props and a balloon filling machine. 
  • You can take small orders for birthday decorations.
  • You can sell birthday items locally. People will need basic things to decorate birthdays. You can arrange the essentials for them. When the sale starts growing, you can take up orders for some bigger celebrations.
  • People will love it if you give some creativity to your decoration.

Table 6- An Overview:

Investment required
Area requirementA small room at home can be enough. 

7. Jewelry Selling Business:

 You may begin with the following ideas:

  • If you love designing jewelry, then convert your creativity into some hand-made jewelry. 
  • You can make earrings, neckpieces, and chokers. 
  • You can simply buy these from local stores in bulk too. Afterwards, you can sell such stuff to your customers.
  • The other way is to make things with your hands and show samples to  your friends and relatives. 
  • You can also show your hand-made jewelry at the exhibitions in galleries.

Table 7-  An Overview:

Investment required
₹3000-5000 for small business of selling and ₹10-15 lakhs for a big store
Area requirement500-800 sq ft

 8. Boutique or Clothing Business:

This is one of the most common home based business opportunities. All you need is: 

  • A space to arrange all your clothes along with a few dummies. 
  • You also need racks to keep clothes. 
  • You must get at least one tailor for alterations. 
  • Select your clothing niche like Kurtis and sarees or any other clothing items. 
  • Start with a small budget approach. Keep the prices minimal at the initial stage. This will attract customers.
  • You need to keep a check on the quality of clothes as well. 
  • According to the target audience locally, you can bring variations.  
  • Once you get a good response,you can keep the stock accordingly. If you know who is your maximum target audience,then you will flourish in the business.

Table 8- An Overview:

Investment required
₹1.5 to 2 lakhs  
Area requirement100 sq ft

9. Home-Made Eatables Business:

Everyone loves to include pickles and papads in their meals. So, this can get you a lot of customers. If business for food interests you, this is for you. Here are some tips to start this business:

  • You can start making pickles at home. Fill it into the jars. They are ready for the sale. Keep a check on the amount of salt and taste. You must survey the demand for pickles and papads in your local stores.
  • Prepare some packets of crunchy papad. You may include varieties in order to attract customers. Please make sure that the packaging is good and has a proper seal. 
  • You must have an FSSAI License. Also, get your GST and Udyog Aadhaar registrations active. Get your trade license ready too. 
  • You can start by taking orders in your locality. This will give a clear picture on what is missing.
  • Then you can sell according to the orders. 

Table 9- An Overview:

Investment required
Area Requirement160 sq ft

10. Yoga Teacher:

If you love yoga and know how to do it, you can convert this expertise into a yoga business. Following are some ideas to consider before planning this business : 

  • You can let people know about your intentions to start a yoga class.
  •  Then, ask your friends to circulate the idea to their family and relatives. 
  • Arrange a room. Get a yoga mat and you are good to go. Ask the learners to come to your location.
  • You can invest in some yoga equipment to sell like yoga mats,water bottles. You may include zumba to your coaching. It will be fun along with making good money out of it.
  •  Gradually, you may diversify your total coaching class. This will be a good work from home business idea to earn money. If you run awareness and ads for your yoga classes, you may get more clients who want to learn yoga. 

Table 10-  An Overview: 

Investment required
Area requirement160-170 sq ft

Women across the country are getting independent now. They are capable of using their potential at the best and are giving their life a vision. Proper awareness programmes among all the sections of society are a necessity. Women in India inspire everyone out there through their dedication and true spirit.


How to deliver our products to people residing at a different location and not from the same city? 

You can look for the local courier services in your area which can deliver your products in those areas.

How to keep a tab on our investments and earnings?

You may increase your circle with professionals having expertise on the idea of finance. You can ask your friends or any family member with the expertise.

What are the requirements to start a home business?

You must have an idea with effective plans along with some patience and creativity.

Do we get any funds or loans from banks to start our business?

Yes, some of the schemes are : Annapurna scheme, Street Shakti package, Dena Shakti scheme, Kalyani scheme.

Is it mandatory to register ourselves for the above business ideas?

Yes, you need a minimum registration for any activity like selling and trading.

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