All you need to know about Clubhouse app

Clubhouse is a new trend. It became a highlight recently after Elon Musk interviewed Robinhood CEO Vlad Tenev via Clubhouse. There are plenty of wonderful features which can attract you to download the Clubhouse app. In this post, we will talk about What is Clubhouse app, How to get Clubhouse app, concerns regarding Clubhouse app and what is the future of Clubhouse app ?

What is Clubhouse app ?

Clubhouse is a little different from traditional social networking apps. How ? Because this app has nothing to do with text conversations. You can start your own conversation in the app and then others can join the discussion by raising their virtual hand.

The app will host multiple conversations on different topics. At any point in time, you can join any conversation and leave any conversation if it does not interest you.

You can check the official website to download the app.

How to get Clubhouse app ?

As of now, the clubhouse is available only for iOS users. Also clubhouse app is yet to become open to all. It is an invite based app for time being.

The existing users can send two invites and invite the lucky ones. If you have an iOS user using Clubhouse app, you can ask for an invite. Co-founder Paul Davison has promised that the app will be available to everyone including android users.

Concerns that require attention

There are some reports stating harassment of women users. Other than this some reported conversations turning into mess of racism and anti-semitism.

If we talk about the security of the app then Stanford Internet Observatory (SIO) has found some serious concerns. SIO said Chinese company Agora Inc. may have access to user IDs and raw audios. Agora Inc. being a Chinese company may be obligated to hand over the data to Chinese authorities if required.

Future of Clubhouse

Clubhouse aims to keep the app growing and has plans to take it to the label of other social networking platforms. Clubhouse may definitely face challenges when spammers try to exploit their freedom of expression.

Clubhouse operates with moderators and may require more moderators as they grow in terms of users. Clubhouse has also talked about monetizing their platform for users to generate income.

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