What is authenticity ?


Many of us are always looking for authentic answers, authentic sources, authentic books, authentic knowledge ! Have you ever wondered, where is this authenticity starting from?

Let’s  try to understand this by simple example. A baby who is born from the bomb of a mother has completed 5 years and now is willing to ask the authentic source of who has begotten him/her ? What do you think? Who can be the most authentic source for this question of him/her ? Well, it’s his/her mother who has begotten her/him. Likewise any knowledge we are looking for, shall be coming from the creator of that thing. For instance, how a chair is manufactured can be only told by the manufacturer of the chair. The same thing applies to all other items that we see around. When it comes to authenticity, we are mostly concerned about knowledge because what we are now is because of the knowledge we have acquired from different sources. So when it comes to any knowledge in this creation, the highest authenticity is considered as ‘Scriptures’ and no one else. Because scriptures are made by the creator Himself.

So at ‘Matchlessly’ we are highly concerned about authenticity of knowledge and for anything and everything we refer scriptures.

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