The world is going ahead. The modern age understands the value of time. There are whole lot of things which are dependent on time. If you see, every second, we are loosing and gaining something. Not only in our professional life but personal life also, we want everything to be on time. Timer is a track of time for everything that we do. Just check the below timer.

Timer Functionalities


The timer given above can be used for tracking all your time-bound activities. Be it your bathing time, your walking time, your eating time or a small competition, you can make use of this timer. The timer has a stopwatch which can be started by using ‘Start’ button. Once you complete your activity, you can click on ‘Stop’ and the time will appear in the left side window. The timer also has a function for delaying the start by 0 second to 20 seconds.

Performance Graph

When you make two-three rounds of the same activity to optimize the time, you can see the performance in the graph. The graph will compare all your times and show your performance.

You can enjoy the timer for all your activities and let me know, how it helped you in comment section.

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