Indian Railway

Indian Rail (IR) is Asia’s second biggest rail network and also the 4th biggest rail network owned by any government. It has been an important aspect of transport in India from last 160 years and is also biggest employer of the world with more than 1300 thousand employees working for it.

IR is not only a basic necessity of the country but also helps in connecting the remote places with metros. Indian rail has played significant role in facilitating the affected people during emergency situations. Operated by Ministry of Railways, Indian Railways manages to have 67,368 Kilometer (41861 miles) route length and 121407 Kilometer total track length as of March 2017. More than 20000 passengers travel daily by trains from 7349 stations across India.

Indian Railways has many verities of services like local/mail trains, high speed trains, super fast trains, express trains, luggage trains and luxurious trains. IR is the lifeline of people travelling on daily basis. Some use it for travelling to their business, some to their job, some to their school and some to their college.

Speed of trains

Mail or Express train : 50.6 KM/hour i.e. 31.4 miles/hour
Rajdhani/Shatabdi train : 140-150 KM/hour i.e. 87-93 miles/hour
Gatiman express : 160 KM/hour i.e. 99 miles/hour
Train 18 : 180 KM/hour i.e. 112 miles/hour

IR has more than 9200 trains running daily with average speed of 24 KM/hour (15 mph).

FY 2017-2018 (ending in March 2018), 8.26 billion passenger with revenue of $27 billion.

When did first train in Indian Railways run on track ?

This was in 1832, the first train named as Red Hill Railway ran between Red Hill and Chintadripet bridge in Madras (Now known as Chennai). The train was built by Arthur Cotton. Interestingly this was not passenger train and was used for transporting granite for road building.
The first passenger train which carried 400 people ran for 34 kilometres (21 miles) between Bori Bunder (Mumbai) to Thane on 16 April 1853.

The smaller railway viaduct near Thane in 1855
The longer railway viaduct near Thane in 1855
Railway map of India in 1909

Subsidiaries and undertakings…

Catering and tourism : IRCTC

IT and communications : CRISRCIL

Passenger and freight train operations: KRCLCONCOR

Rail Infrastructure : DFCCIL, PRCL

Land and station development: RLDAIRSDC

Financing, construction and project implementation: IRFCRITESIRCONMRVCRVNL

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