How this man is reforming the lives of mothers and their children ?

Ankit and the assisted families

Engineer who is ensuring healthy childhood to 200 children

SARATHI, an NGO based in New Delhi(India), is helping the parents of underprivileged children to bring their lives back to the mainstream.
The NGO is established by Ankit Arora who was previously was associated with Teach for India. He is an engineer by profession and he has done lot of work in education field before shaping SARATHI. After his extensive research work, he found that the role of parents in overall development of their children is significant.

Although there are many organisations in the other countries where they are working to uplift the lifestyle of children with the help of their parents but the similar system was not seen in India. It clicked to Mr. Ankit and after which he made a decision to establish the similar system in India.

“The purpose of establishment of this organisation is to bring my brothers and sisters who are devoid of basic facilities, to the mainstream. For now we are working with two communities (200 families) of New Delhi. One is Aajadpur and another is pul-prahladpur.” says Ankit.

Ankit teaching the mothers

SARATHI’s style:

Now the question is how SARATHI is doing all this ? When Ankit was asked the same question, he told that we have three step process for this…

1. SARATHI provides ‘Do it yourself activity’ kit to the mothers in an order. First of all each mother receives a recorded call, time for which can be chosen by them in their favourite slots. This call is ‘call to action’ based and received twice a week by every mother.
2. Secondly, one lady is appointed as leader of the community and her job is to ensure whether the instructions given in the last call are being followed or not. She is trained and she inspires all the other mothers to actively follow the instructions and she makes a live call every week to each mother.
3. Lastly, the lady leader visits each and every connected house to ensure maximum outputs.

SARATHI’s impact:

impact of sarathi

Ankit says, “Our process is in initial stage and has received good response from parents. We have seen a positive impact of the process. The fact that the mothers are now taking some time out before they go to bed and completing their assigned activities, clearly shows that our process is directly impacting their lives.

We congratulate Mr. Ankit for this great work.

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