Birthday Wishes

No wonder, birthday is a celebration which everyone wants to make special one. And this is also an opportunity for us to make a good relationship with your friends. Of course, there are multiple options people have, to make their birthdays special but top on the list, is always a special greeting you receive or you convey to someone. Here we have gotten some really special birthday wishes which can be used to make your greeting more beautiful. We would recommend to make a good greeting first by following these instructions.

In order to make these birthday greetings or birthday wishes ever fresh, we keep updating them. These are all written by our experts team and not copied. If you find them anywhere else, please do let us know at info@matchlessly.com

Birthday wishes for your friends

Happy Birthday to Friends

“Hope you have the kind of day when all your wishes
come true, and may the happiness it brings last the whole
year through.”

“It’s your birthday! Wishing you a birthday filled with
sunshine and surprise.”

“Can’t think of a better time to wish you all the
nicest things. Happy Birthday.”

“A special wish that you’ll be blessed with happiness
today and always.”

“Just want you to know, kindest thoughts and best wishes
are with you on your special day. Happy Birthday.”

“Your birthday is here. Have enough fun to last all year.
Happy Birthday.”

“This Happy Birthday greeting is cordial and sincere. May it
bring the best of wishes to last you all the year !”

“May your birthday be filled right from the start with everything
that is dear to your heart. Happy Birthday. ”

“May joy, cheer and laughter fill your birthday and remain
with you long after. Happy Birthday.”

“This birthday wish is sent your way with warmest thoughts on
your special day. Happy Birthday! Happiness always !”

“Congratulations and best wishes too – for a happy birthday in
the year ahead of you.”

“Here’s wishing that your birthday, and the year that
follows too, bring all the wonderful things in life that mean
the most to you.”

“Thinking of you on your birthday and wishing you
every happiness.”

“Growing older is mandatory, growing up is optional.
Happy Birthday.”

“On your special day, hope you have many pleasant and happy
returns of this wonderful day !”

“All kinds of joy while your birthday is here, and all kinds
of happiness all throughout the year.”

“You’re so nice and so thoughtful in so many ways, that
your birthday should be the most special of days – may it
bring sunny hours too nice to forget, and start off a year
that’s your happiest yet.”

“May the Lord’s blessings of health and happiness be
yours the whole year through. And may God’s presence
dwell within you.”

“May God bless you today and every day in everything you
do in every little way. Happy Birthday !”

“It’s a nice feeling when you know that someone likes you, someone thinks about you, someone needs you; but it feels much better when you know that someone never ever forgets your birthday. Happy Birthday !”

“A prayer: 2 bless ur way
A wish: 2 lighten ur moments
A cheer: 2 perfect ur day
A text: 2 say Happy Birthday !”

“Flying papers, multi colours of balloon, delicate blossom, fantastic people, love and laughter. What it describes? Happy Birthday !”

“A smile is a curve that sets everything straight and wipes wrinkle away.
Hope you share lots and receive lots of it for days to come. Happy Birthday.”

“Friendship is about bringing out the positive when everything seems negative, being accepted for who you are, being able to pick up right where you left off, sharing, talking, and laughing. Friendship is about us, and for that I’m grateful. And I hope you have the best birthday ever !”

“Sending birthday blessings
Filled with love and peace and joy
Wishing sweetest things happen
Right before your eyes !
Happy Birthday !”

“If lovers are like moon and brothers are like stars, then I have noticed that the sky looks good without moon but not without stars. Happy Birthday.”

“Wishing you a day soft as silk.
White as milk.
Sweet as honey.
Full of money.
May all your dreams come true.
Happy Birthday.”

“Let GOD decorate each GOLDEN RAY OF THE SUN reaching you with wishes of Success, Happiness and prosperity for you, wish you a super duper Happy Birthday.”

“This message has no fat, no cholesterol, no additive. This is all natural except with a lot of sugar. But it can never be as sweet as the one reading it. Smile and have a Happy Birthday !”

“I believe u have climbed high mountains, walked on thorny paths, sailed on the raging seas and took a ride on dangerous highways. Come on let’s face it, God has always been faithful all the way. Enjoy your day, you are worth it. Happy Birthday.”

“Friendship is an important asset of life and that is why I respect and love you for what you are. It’s your birthday and my heart is full for your regards. Wish you a health and sweet birthday.”

“May this birthday be your best birthday ever, full of light and laughter, a fireworks explosion of joy. May this birthday live in your memory forever, creating happiness and satisfaction whenever you remember it. Happy Birthday.”

“May everything happy & everything bright be yours on your birthday from morning till night. And then through the year may the same thing hold true so that each day is filled with life’s best things for you. Happy birthday to you !”

“You are such a special friend, who deserves a special day, for being who you are, and bringing joy in every way. You make me smile and laugh, with everything you do, so today I get to send a special birthday wish for you. Happy birthday.”

Romantic birthday wishes for your love

“To the world, you may be one person. But to me, you are the world. Happy birthday, John.”

“I love 3 things!
The sun, the moon and you!
The sun for the day,
The moon for the night
And you forever. Happy Birthday, Darling !”

“Love is something special, a treasure I want to find. To others, love is blind but for me, it’s not true because when I fell in love…I saw you, John. Happy B’day my love.”

“Darling, the more I think of you, the more I miss you.
The more I miss you, the more I think of you.
Lots of love. Happy B’day, John.”

“8 letters, 3 words, 1 meaning… I love you. Happy B’day, John.”

“To be disturbed by the beep of your phone only means that somehow, somewhere, somebody is thinking of you and at this very moment, that’s me. Happy B’day My John.”

“The only regret I have is not knowing you since the day I was born so that I will be able to spend my ENTIRE life with you. I love you, Joanna. Happy B’day. Cheers.”

“Extremely personal,
Fully returnable,
It’s a SMILE from me.
Enjoy. Happy B’day.”

“Meeting you was luck, becoming your friend was abundance, but falling in love with you was completely out of my mind. Happy B’day.”

“Whatever you do, I’ll walk with you.
Hoping that your every dream would come true.
Anytime, anywhere, I’ll always be there.
Wishing you a lovely lovely birthday.”

“Set a place for me in your heart and not in your mind for the mind easily forgets but the heart always remembers. I love you, John. Happy B’day.”

“What’s the difference between pleasure and torture?
Pleasure is thinking of you and torture is thinking of you too much. Happy B’day, Darling.”

“I want to live in your eyes, die in your arms and be buried in your heart. Happy B’day Sweetheart.”

“If I were a tear in your eye
I would roll down onto your lips.
But if u were a tear in my eye
I would never cry as I would be afraid to lose u. Missing you, Loving you & Wishing you your special day.”

Hope you will make use of all these greetings. Cheer your celebration and stay tuned with Matchlessly.

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