In the modern world, where all of us are using digital gadgets, we want to exchange greetings with our near and dears. When it comes to greetings, we also look forward to add special value to our greetings so that they may rightly reflect to the receiver. This post will cover some ideas on best birthday quotes, anniversary quotes and quotes of various other categories.

Of course, there are plenty of websites featuring quotes and messages but then you may see absence of uniqueness in most of them.

We, at Matchlessly always respect this idea of uniqueness and that’s why we have brought to you top 50 birthday and anniversary wishes along with some very good ideas on other categories which are updated on regular basis by our experts.

Along with the quotes and greetings from experts, here’s a good advice for all those who wish to write it by themselves. Just check these bullets to ensure your greetings has maximum impact on the receiver.

Points to remember in birthday wishes & anniversary wishes

  1. Try to thank your loved one for a special favor they have given to you.
  2. Share a special memory with them which can help them to return in that moment again and bring a smile on their face.
  3. You may also appreciate their qualities quoting others which may make them feel very good. This is very important because everyone wants to hear glorification.
  4. Share a picture of them with your greeting.
  5. Invite them to share a special moment again on their special day and capture a pic with them again.
  6. If you can draft a special greeting card for them or may be present them something which is handmade by you then it will make them feel very special.

Matchlessly requests you to write at least one line for your loved ones from the bottom of your heart and add it to the the Matchless Quotes you receive from here.

Here’s the list of all greetings which includes top 50 of birthday wishes , anniversary wishes, new year wishes and of various other categories.

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