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The full form of ISRO is Indian Space Research Organization. This is one of biggest space research organization available across the world. Let’s know more about ISRO.

  • ISRO was formed in 1969.
  • It provides India with space based services.
  •  It also develops the technologies and has become one of the six largest space agencies in the world.
  • The organization maintains the remote sensing (IRS) satellites and the communication satellites (INSAT). 
  • It provides the ever growing demand for earth observation along with fast and reliable communication.
  •  ISRO provides application specific satellite tools to the Indian nation. Some of them include weather forecasts, disaster management tools, broadcast communications, geographic information systems, cartography, telemedicine and navigation.
  • Latest missions include AstroSat, Mars Orbiter Mission and LVM3-X (CARE).
  • It has completed 111 spacecraft missions, 80 launch missions, 12 student satellites and two re-entry missions.
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