First lady IAS who is visually impaired

Pranjal Patil

India’s first visually impaired IAS officer Pranjal Patil has taken charge as sub collector of Thiruvananthapuram in the state of Kerala.

Pranjal comes from the Ulhasnagar of Maharashtra (India). In the year 2016, she has passed the examination of UPSC and secured 773 rank.  In 2017, Pranjal (turned 30) decided to improve her rank and secured 124th rank in the second attempt. After she completed her officer’s training, she joined as assistant collector in Ernakulam district of Kerala.

Pranjal Patil had become inspiration for everyone out there preparing for UPSC and those who were already in service. The officials in the state of Kerala wanted to meet her as she cracked the exam even after disability and that too with a good rank.

How she lost her eyes ?

When she was just 6 year old, one of her fellow friend penetrated pencil in one of her eye and she lost her eye sight for that eye. Immediately after this incident doctor suggested her parents that she will loose eye sight for the other eye also and the same was observed later. Pranjal became visually impaired.
Nevertheless her parents did not lose hope and that’s why they helped Pranjal so much so that the blindness does not become an excuse in her education.

Graduated from Saint Xaviers, Mumbai

Pranjal had completed her schooling from Smt. Kamala Mehta school in Dadar area of Mumbai. The school was meant for visually impaired children and they were educated with the help of Braille system. After completing 10th class, she was admitted to Chandbai college and she completed her 12th class by scoring 85% marks and then further she joined Saint Xaviers for graduation.

How she got inspired for becoming IAS ?

In her education, Pranjal and her friend studied about UPSC. Pranjal started investing more about the exam and she had developed strong desire of becoming IAS one day. After completing BA, she reached JNU for pursuing her MA.
In JNU, she took help of a special software (Job access with speech) meant for visually impaired people.

Married but to whom ?

She got married to a cable operator named Komal Singh who comes from Ozarkhed, Maharashtra. Pranjal has given all credits of success to her parents, friends and her husband.

After joining, Pranjal has called a joint meeting of all officials of all departments. All officials welcomed her and assured her for every support she will be looking forward.


We, from Matchlessly wish her best for all her future endeavours.

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